Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Aurora Organic Dairy Corporation and the Ethics of Organic.

The Aurora Organic Dairy Corporation has been accused by the Cornucopia Institute ( and the Organic Consumers Association ( for not following organic standards while still selling its product as organic. Aurora now faces lawsuits from both these organizations.

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Of other concern for those in the UK (and most likely other places) is the question: Should Organic also be Ethical?

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I am of the opinion that organic goes beyond not using chemicals in agriculture to include ethical and humane treatment of both animals and the earth. Organic is more than a technical term. It means 'loving the earth' and all that is a part of it. In doing so, it then becomes our responsibility to treat the earth and the animals that live upon it with respect. This means not genetically modifying anything, not dousing plants and animals with chemicals, and not treating creatures as commodity. We should be thankful to the earth and animals for the nourishment they give us, and not pretend that we are Gods over them. If the earth dies, if the animals die -- we die. There is no us without them. As such, we are not superior, but actually dependent, and we should respect that which sustains us.

Of course, if you want to do what is best for the earth, you may consider consuming a diet of more fresh produce and less (if any) processed foods. Less or none animal products is also a huge plus as far as stopping environmental degredation and pollution (not to mention needless suffering). Also consider buying local.

To hear more about a diet to save the world, go here: and click on the blogcast entitled "How To Save The World".

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Don't worry, its not your fault you're fat!

This makes me laugh:

How wonderful! Just another way to teach adults how to NOT act like responsible people. Just shove another "Magic Pill" their way! That'll sell. ... If only it wasn't so PAINFULLY obvious that this is another money ploy, or a doctor's lame attempt at fame. "Oh! I discovered the fat virus! No wonder obesity is so rampant!" No, it has nothing to do with fast food and being sedentary, apparantly.

Even if this is plausible, that a virus could cause fat, they miss a VERY important point: How to NOT get it in the first place. Heavy people had it while thinner people didn't. I wonder why? Mabye the thin people were HEALTHY! They say that in the study it didn't matter about lifestyle, but they ignore the fact that carrying extra weight in and of itself will tax the immune system. Clearly, if you are healthy, you won't be contracting any virus in the first place. So, if a virus DOES contribute to excess weight, it could only be plausible that you are fat first (from poor habits) and then get the virus, not the other way around.

They also don't mention if a proper lifestyle will overcome the supposed fat-gaining symptoms of the virus. I doubt they'll ever even look into that, either on account of 1) its fake, or 2) they don't care about our health, only about making a profit from it. So be on the lookout for future fat vaccinations. If this information takes hold (as it likely will in our gullible public), you can be sure to expect one in the not-so-distant future. And chances are, it won't work! I wonder why...?

Come on people. Let's face it. If you're heavy, own up. Admit you have not ACTUALLY tried EVERYTHING. Maybe you tried South Beach. Maybe you tried starving yourself. Maybe you tried any number of unhealthy, unsuccessful ways to try and lose weight. How about doing it the REAL way? How about filling in your diet with healthy, satisfying foods like vegetables and fruit? Don't deny food. You're so hungry because the food you eat now is so DEVOID of any real nutrition. If you add in good food, you'll be filling that nutritional gap that has been causing your cravings in the first place.

Its not about will-power, its about figuring out why you are sick (and yes, you are sick, but its nobody's fault but your own) and fixing it. Do you eat donuts for breakfast? That's a problem. Fix it. Have fruit and oatmeal instead. Try goji berries for some energy (works for me) and maybe some nuts for protien. But don't just sit there and spend all that energy finding ways to blame something else. Take responsibility. Be an adult. Take a daily walk and eat more vegetables. Its really not THAT difficult.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Fight Terror?

I find it humorous how President Bush is all about fighting a "war on terror," yet the hugest terrorists on Earth right now are allowed to continue their violence. I am referring to Darfur. Clearly, terror was not his true goal, or that would have been dealt with.

Not to mention we are probably the most dangerous "terrorists." The only difference is that we make the rules, so we can get away with all the crap we pull. Don't get me wrong, I love the US. We are founded on some wonderful ideals. I just wish those ideals hadn't been forgotten.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

TrueLiving is born.

I'm too tired to post much but here it is, and here I go.